A new season ahead brings a new home as we’ll move in to the Mayplace Ground, home of Phoenix Sports.

We’re very grateful to Andrew Mortlock, Phoenix Sports Chairman, and his colleagues, for allowing us to join as their tenants ahead of 2023/24.

We’ve moved around a fair amount in our short history, not always because we wanted to, and attempts to work together a few years ago sadly didn’t quite pan out, but we’ve always maintained contact and thankfully in recent weeks have agreed a deal which will benefit both clubs moving forwards.
Being closer to “home” will allow us to improve our fan base as well as other off-field fund-raising opportunities, and have a base closer to our natural town and where our main player pool of contacts has always been.
In doing so we look forward to helping support Phoenix as they re-join the Isthmian League and congratulate them on their recent successful promotion campaign.
It’s a long overdue and very welcomed opportunity for both clubs to be bigger and better next season.
Last season has only just ended, but we’re looking forward to the next already.