A warm welcome to the vastly experienced due of Neil Hunter and Steve Aldridge who both join to be part of the management team for 23/24. Their attitudes, application, experience and knowledge will be an asset to the club, now, and for the long-term, as we look for greater stability and a longer term approach to progression.

Much has changed in recent months with the huge influx of youth sides and development sides, completely unknown and unexpected in early 2023, as well as a subsequent home ground move as a result, and we must thank the previous regime of Ryan King-Elliott, Junior “JR” James and Bafor Aganbi for their sterling work to dig us out of a huge hole earlier this year. Your time with us may have been short, but your impact was immense, and critical. Thank you.

With so much changing so quickly, a new direction is planned. Running two development sides for 23/24 on a Saturday and also mid-week, as well as the inclusion of two under 18 and two under 16 sides, the pathway for the future, for players, coaches and managers, is greater than ever, and this is the way for the club to become sustainable and successful in the longer term and continue the successes of the past slowly but surely.

With the huge volume of big spending, well and long established clubs at this level, we must be realistic about what we can achieve in the short term. Setting some foundations and having a proper plan is key.

But as always, we’ll continue to surprise a few in many ways. And enjoy doing so.

So a new era begins – welcome Neil and Steve, and those within the huge pyramid within the club as we go from 3 sides to 22 in just a few months. It’s not how we’d planned it some time ago, but a larger plan is now set, the ambition and work ethic is there, and we’ll go and enjoy 23/24, and in doing so, achieve more than we ever have before.

Player additions will follow over the course of the evening and weekend.