Louis Dean leaves …

It is with regret that title winning manager Louis Dean leaves the club, along with his management team of Ryan Pacey, Rob Dillon and Marc Powell, following a successful 2018/19.

Their efforts since arriving in November, and performance achieving another promotion, do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. This decision has not been made based on their performance or conduct, which we have always found thoroughly professional. We thank them sincerely. The coaching and managing of the already successful squad of players at the club, and excellent additions they made, were exactly as we would have expected and hoped and we thank them for helping deliver what everyone at the club wanted. They leave with our best wishes, respect and thanks, and with a credible promotion on their CVs, and should rightly hold their heads high and be proud of their achievements.

Following promotion, unfortunately, we have been unable to reach agreement on a sensible, sustainable budget moving forwards at a new found level of football, that will allow us to be both competitive, but also realistic, about the season(s) ahead.

We have progressed from a glorified Sunday pub side to the SCEFL Premier Division in three seasons, which we’re fairly confident is unique, and that is to the credit of players and management, past and present, and whilst the desire to keep pushing upwards is of course there, it is also limited in the short term by the self-inflicted successes we have had in those three seasons.

We must be realistic. The ability to keep going up and up annually is not sustainable, or manageable, for now, for a club of our size, age and support. The time, effort and commitment to allow us to progress so fast, must also now be matched by some common sense, and a period of stability, to allow us to build a club that will be here for the long-term and not just the short. Doing otherwise would jeopardise the long-term existence of the club and make all its achievements of the last five years meaningless, and in the club’s best interests, that cannot be allowed to happen.

No further comment will be made at this time.

Thank you again to Louis, Ryan, Rob and Marc and best wishes for the future.


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