Reserves shake-up

It’s been a considerable period of transition for the club as a whole, and the reserves, over the last two months. Stabilising at this level is not easy.

With the loss of Tristan Cropley, our former reserve manager, we’ve lost an asset. Thank you again. We thank Michael Parper, an excellent coach, for his assistance as well, often in tough times.

But moving forwards, in to their shoes, we give an opportunity to Joe Armstrong, one of the few senior players in the group, to run the side for the remainder of the season, ahead of a busy summer where we look to welcome enquiries from managers and coaches to support him in the future, as well as to join the club ahead of expansion in conjunction with the Charlton Athletic Community Trust, with expected additional sides on Saturday, Sunday and mid-week.

Joe, we wish you well. You’re deserving of the opportunity and know you’ll give it your all.