Sunday’s forfeited, to allow Saturday focus … thank you to WESFA

With the huge progression up the ladder of our club from a park in 2014 until today, sadly comes old age, prioritisation, and time restraints. We’re a small group, and we can’t do it all.

When Welling Town formed, we were a park side at Hall Place, Bexley and the vast majority of our squad were recreational footballers playing with mates, not caring if they won or lost. Many were good, and committed, several were not, but, they played their part, and we’ll remember them all.

Over time, we have moved on to win trophies, league and cup, Saturday and Sunday, and now find the flagship side in a league full of big hitters with serious desires to progress further, as have we, in due course.

Our Sunday sides have laid the foundation for the position the Saturday side is now in. Remember Andrew Murrock, Dean Oakes and Jamie Levett if you know them, thank you, for at least being there when we formed, even if not much more!

Thank you also to the recently folded Sunday league the London and Kent Suburban, who took us on at short notice, and our recent hosts, the Woolwich and Eltham Sunday Football Alliance for allowing us to grace their competitions, and pave the way for what has happened since.

I thank every player who has donned the shirt, in whatever capacity, even those that were full of little more than enthusiasm. Our original founding side has provided the grassroots, family, friends, enjoyable element Sunday football is all about and winning their first trophy in April was the clubs peak thus far. Our second Sunday side has provided the elite, trophy winning, success everyone strives for. Both sides, and all of its players, past and present, have delivered success and enjoyment, for themselves, and their managers and coaches. Again, thank you, whatever your role.

Over and above – Russ Hodges, Ian Catt, Josh Cooper, the Robinson brothers, and maybe even Paul Scerri.

And whilst it sad that these sides will be no more, for now, it is a testament to their successes that so many of the players from both now flourish at a higher level, as do their support staff, and rightly they feel that they must prioritise that, to ensure they reach their personal goals. We’ve no doubt they will do so.

Likewise, to the coaches and managers, especially Erron Baxter and Blaine Horne, who have contributed to the success of this club on Sunday and Saturday, we would not be where we are without their efforts, and I thank both again for their support, commitment, and poor administration!

Blaine in particular has developed a long way since I first met him, and I have no doubt will be a massive success with Metrogas alongside a number of our former players. And for myself, I look forward to growing the club as a whole off the field and behind the scenes, to ensure the work and efforts of every coach, manager, player and supporter, from day one until today, is developed even further.

We’ve come a long way and we’ll go even further.

Best of luck to you all, past, present, and future,


Kevin Oakes

Welling Town Chairman